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From 1 February to 28 February 2019 save 8c per litre on fuel at Caltex with myToyota. Learn more

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We’ve partnered with participating Caltex service stations to help you save on fuel every time you fill up. Simply register for myToyota, head to the in-app Rewards section and download your daily discount code. From 1 February to 28 February 2019 save 8c per litre on fuel at Caltex with myToyota. For full terms and conditions, click here.


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*Offer limited to 8c/litre fuel discount in one transaction per 24 hour period per vehicle registered to a myToyota account from 1 February 2019 to 28 February 2019. Offer available on Unleaded, Vortex Premium 95, Vortex Premium 98, Diesel & Vortex Diesel, up to 150 litres, at participating Caltex service stations only. List of participating locations available at here. List subject to change without notice at sole discretion of Caltex. For T&Cs, visit my.toyota.com.au and click the Caltex offer within Rewards.

Caltex Fuel Offer – Terms & Conditions
By accessing this Caltex Fuel Offer (Offer) you agree to be bound by these terms as well as any general Terms of Use of the myToyota Application. You acknowledge that Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (Toyota) and/or Caltex Petroleum Pty Ltd (Caltex) are entitled to, at their sole discretion to change, modify, amend, add or remove any part of these terms of use and to change, amend, include or delete any terms of the Offer at any time without notice.

A. Offer is limited to a discount of 8 cents per litre of fuel (unless otherwise stated) purchased in a single transaction.
B. Offer is limited to one transaction per vehicle registered on myToyota during a 24-hour period from the time of the last transaction from 12:00am AEST 1 February 2019 to 11:59pm AEST 28 February 2019.
C. Offer is limited to the filling up of the fuel tank of one vehicle at a time.
D. Offer applies to transactions on eligible fuel only. Offer applies to: Unleaded (ULP), Vortex Premium 95 (PULP), Vortex Premium 98, Diesel and Vortex Diesel, up to 150 litres.
E. The Offer is only available at participating Caltex locations. For more information click here. Participating Caltex locations are subject to change without notice and is at the sole discretion of Caltex.
F. The Offer is only available to guests who:

  • have a myToyota account;
  • have a vehicle(s) registered in Garage (including VIN and registration details);
  • have installed the myToyota app on a compatible smartphone or device or have accessed the Offer via myToyota online.

G. Toyota and/or Caltex reserve the right to refuse to provide the Offer to an individual if, in its reasonably opinion, it cannot verify that they are eligible to receive the Offer or believe the individual has engaged in fraudulent activity or are otherwise in breach of these terms.
H. Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers or fuel discounts unless specifically stated.
I. If there are any technical issues with the myToyota application or with the Caltex Scanner App Redemption Mechanism at participating Caltex locations, Toyota and Caltex will use reasonable steps to honour the discount.

How to redeem
I. Locate your nearest participating Caltex location. Participating Caltex locations can be found here.
J. Fill up your vehicle at a participating Caltex location.
K. When in store, open the myToyota application on your smartphone or device.
L. In the Rewards section of the application select Offer
M. Select Get Daily Code to access your unique Daily Code;
N. Present your Daily Code at the participating Caltex register at time of payment and the discount will be applied. Payment to be made by standard payment methods (cash, debit or credit card). Customers cannot pay using Pay@Pump, FuelPay® or StarCard or StarCard Debit
O. When prompted you can enter your odometer range in the myToyota application.

Personal Information
P. You acknowledge that by using the Offer you are giving your permission for Toyota to share your vehicle information (including VIN and registration details), as well as details of your refuelling behaviour (e.g. date, location, volume) To the extent this information comprises of personal information, Caltex will collect and handle it in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at here.

S. Except as provided by law, the myToyota application is provided "as is" and without any warranty or condition, express or implied. Toyota does not warrant that the information contained in or accessible through the myToyota application is accurate, suitable for your purposes or without errors, omissions or viruses nor does Toyota guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Toyota Website.
T. Further, Caltex does not guarantee that the availability of the Scanner App Redemption Mechanisms at the participating Caltex locations will be continuous, uninterrupted or error free and accepts no responsibility for any failure of customers to be able to redeem the Offer.
U. You acknowledge that access and use of the myToyota application and redemption of the Offer (including the software operating in connection with the myToyota application and the in-store app redemption mechanism) may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of Toyota and Caltex's control. Toyota does not warrant the accuracy of any advice, opinion, statement, representation or other information displayed on or accessible through the myToyota application. Subject to the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Toyota makes no representations or warranties in respect of the information and materials available on the myToyota application or the means of accessing that information and material (including the software operating in connection with the myToyota application).
V. Toyota makes no warranty or representation and accepts no responsibility for any websites operated or controlled by entities other than Toyota which are or may become linked or framed to or from the Toyota Website. Toyota Financial Services information contained on this website is provided by Toyota Finance Australia Limited. Toyota Industrial Equipment information contained on this website is provided by Toyota Industries Corporation Australia Pty Limited

Limitation of Liability
W. You agree that neither Toyota nor Caltex is not liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damages (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss) arising out of or in connection with the use of the myToyota application, or redemption of the Offer, the use by Toyota or Caltex of information provided by you to Toyota through the myToyota application, any such loss or damage which may arise should you be unable to access the myToyota application, for whatever reason and however arising, including negligence.
X. To the extent that Toyota and Caltex are able to limit the remedies available under these conditions of use, they expressly limit their liability for breach of a condition or warranty implied by virtue of any legislation to the following remedies (the choice of which is to be at Toyota and Caltex's sole discretion)
Y. You indemnify Toyota and Caltex against any action, liability, claim, loss, damage, proceeding, expense (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by us, arising from, or which is directly or indirectly, related to:

  • Your breach or non-observance of any term of these conditions of use; or
  • Any breach or inaccuracy in any of your representations or warranties.