Toyota Electrified

Cleaner and smarter power

It’s clear, the future of our planet needs an answer today. At Toyota we’ve made it our mission to find a way to power the future without fossil fuels. We’ve committed to powering our entire range with zero emissions by 2050 by developing electrified vehicles.

We're guided by three goals.



Mobility shouldn’t harm the environment, we’re finding ways to move green.



There are powerful energy sources all around us that don’t run out, we’re doing everything we can to put them to use.



Electric vehicles have the potential for incredible acceleration.


Our alternative energies

We have two ways forward to achieve our long term goal of eliminating fossil fuels from our range of vehicles.

Toyota Hybrid


The first hybrid Toyota vehicle was launched over 20 years ago and the technology has proved to be a powerful method in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.


Hydrogen is all around us. It’s non-toxic and stores easily. Hydrogen powered vehicles also emit nothing but water vapor.

Toyota Hydrogen

What's the difference between hydrogen and hybrid?

While both methods use electricity to power vehicles, the way they source electricity is different. A hybrid vehicle uses a petrol engine, and also creates electricity from harnessing its own momentum, storing it in batteries until it can be used. Hydrogen powered vehicles create electricity through a chemical reaction, directly powering the electric motor when needed.

Electrified FAQs

How does a Hybrid car work?

Hybrid vehicles seamlessly combine the power of petrol engines with the efficiency of electric motors. In a Hybrid, the battery is recharged while you drive so it’s always ready to go without ever needing to be plugged in.

How does a hydrogen fuel cell work?

A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device that creates a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere to generate electricity. It does not burn or compress hydrogen, the catalyst within the fuel cell generates the electricity to drive the vehicle.